Monthly Archive: November 2017

Perth Paradise Resort, Sipalay, Negros Occidental, Tupanggala 4

Perth Resort: A Patch of Paradise in Sipalay

One of the most photographed resorts in Sipalay is Perth Paradise Resort. It is due to its favorable topography of Sipalay — the unspoiled islets are scattered to its blue-green waters. Its picturesque view is best seen at the hilltop...

Palo Alto Falls, Baras, Rizal, Tupanggala, Waterfalls, Metro Manila 0

Palo Alto Falls: Sweet Escape Near Metro

Just an hour away from the metro, Palo Alto Falls is becoming popular to city peeps who like nature outing and swimming but can’t afford to spend longer day-offs. The place is also known to bikers and motorcycle riders for...