Monthly Archive: November 2017

Darigayos Cove, Luna, La Union 4

Luna: Discover Darigayos Cove

Ever since the flock discovered the Balaoan-Luna route going north, the journey for us it not complete without passing by here. This part of the route is quiet, full of trees and scenic, especially during sunset. And we stop only...

Mt. Caniaw, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Mountain, Ilocos, Mt Caniao 1

Bantay: Mt. Caniaw, Easy Breezy Morning Trip

Mount Caniao is the highest point of the mountain ridges on the northern part of Ilocos Sur. Its summit is almost 700 MASL, accessible through an 8-kilometer concrete road. It is nicknamed “radar” because of the radio equipment such as...

Ipon Harvest, Santa, Ilocos Sur, Tupang Gala, Ilocandia, Gabriela Silang 4

Santa: Ipon, The Mysterious Little Fishes

Almost immediately after entering the town proper of Santa, Ilocos Sur, you will be meeting with several women selling tiny fish. These fish are called “ipon”, and Santa is blessed to have plenty of them. This is the town’s prized...