San Jose: Soaking Up the Sun at Inasakan

From Grace Island, we rode a boat going to Inasakan Beach of Ilin Island. About 7 kilometers away, it took almost 20 minutes for us to get there due to strong winds of Ambulong Strait. The tide was not that high, so we just docked a few meters near the shore.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

From the distance the white sands of Inasakan in Ilin ilsland can already be seen (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

The water is too shallow and so pristine, you can see clearly the floor of white sand. The sand there is very fine, it dissolves when stepped on.

We can’t hold ourselves to try the waters of Inasakan even if the sun is on its fiercest. Even the Danish couple we travelled with, can’t contain their excitement on the beach paradise. The kids swimming there won’t be a bother to look after due to its shallowness. It’s easy to spot on the deep parts of the beach; the dark blue waters are about 100 meters away from the coast.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

The clear waters are captivating because of the whiteness of the sands underneath (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

This small paradise can be reached by boat within one hour from San Jose (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

We spotted a cottage when we strolled the land after a short dip. There we found out that there is an entrance fee of 20 Php per head (Grace Island already paid for all the passengers of the boat). It was a right timing to quench our thirst as coconut juice straight from the tree was sold there. Beside the cottage are some women doing segregation of seaweeds as one of the common means of living.

On a farther side, is the structure of Mina de Oro Resort. It was the first resort in Ilin and once a popular tourist place before it was neglected since the owner’s demise. What’s left is the grotto wherein the locals venerate. A few meters away is a well, the source of water of the residents. After a few hours, the boatman called for the passengers to go back for a trip back to Grace Island. Though the time is too short, the beach left us with a very good impression.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

The sands are so fine that it just dissolves when touched.(Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

I went back there and was captured by its beauty just like my first time. A longer time I enjoyed swimming there than before. The beach is still clear as ever. Also, I saw some guest houses were being built there.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

In 1990s the Mina de Oro resort was built here as a prime destination in San Jose, unfortunately it was neglected (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)


    Ilin is one of the largest islands of San Jose. Measuring 47 square kilometres, and located south of Mindoro, the island is home to the Ilin Island Cloudrunner, an endangered species of cloud rat. Politically the island is part of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and is divided into ten barangays.
Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

The harvested seaweeds. The larger ones are cut to dry, and the smaller ones are returned to the water to grow (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

    It is one of the main livelihood of the residents near the islands of Ilin and Ambulong. Parts of the seaweeds are cut off, tied to a floater and left at the waters to grow. After 15 to 20 days they are harvested and left under the sun to dry. The dried seaweeds are used as primary ingredients for plasticware.

During the Second World War, the people of Inasakan did not directly experienced the cruelty by the Japanese as the enemies never came ashore. Nevertheless due to food shortage, they were forced to eat dried sap and trunks of buri plants during this period.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

Not only the foreigners are captivated in this island. These kids made this as their favorite playground, and requested to be photographed (Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)

From the Town Proper of San Jose, take the tricycle to Caminawit Port. From here, hire a boat to bring you to Inasakan. The trip will take at least an hour.

Inasakan Beach, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

The clear beach of Inasakan (San Jose, Mindoro Occidental)


  • Make sure your electronic devices are placed in sealed plastic bags before alighting from the boat to protect them from moisture.
  • Also make sure to bring supplies as there are no stores here.


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