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The resorts' floating cottage perfectly blends with the surroundings (Grace Island Resort, Ambulong, San Jose, Occ. Mindoro) 1

Gracious Grace Island

The management of Grace Island commissioned the wandering sheep to design a brochures about the resort. But here’s the catch: they want me to stay there for three days and two nights. How cool is that? Anyway I’m both surprised and...

Find solitude in this piece of paradise. Grace Island Resort in Ambulong, San Jose, Occ. Mindoro 2

Finding Solitude in Grace Island

I promised myself to return to this blessed island (please read the blog about my previous journey here). That’s why when I was again given the opportunity to return to San Jose I strived to go here. I contacted Allan and he...

View of Lininob Rock from a beach in Ambulong 2

Island Hopping in San Jose

Originally Posted on 2007 I was invited by Allen, one of the flocks, to San Jose for a computer project. It was done in a short time so we still have days to spare. As there are not much interesting...