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Shirotori Garden, Nagoya, Japan 3

Shirotori Garden: Perfect Place to Unwind

Several blocks near the Atsuta Shrine, we went to our next destination – the Shirotori Garden. We entered through the North Gate and from here we started our stroll. Like a typical Japanese garden, you can see several paths running...

Nagoya Castle - the city's iconic landmark (Aichi, Japan) 3

Nagoya Castle (名古屋城)

One of the iconic landmark of Nagoya, the Nagoya Castle was built during Edo Period. Survived many wars and calamities, this castle has become a part of the culture of Nagoya for centuries. Since it is just near the venue...

Hamamatsu Castle (浜松城 Hamamatsu-jō), Hamamatsu, Japan 2

Hamamatsu Castle (浜松城)

Another hilltop castle (浜松城 Hamamatsu-jō) can be found standing on a small park accessible by a short bus ride from Hamamatsu Station. One of the most distinguished feature of the castle is the black paint on the castle keep. Though it...