Caoayan: Tumulay sa Kawayan sa Caoayan Fish Farms

Caoayan Fish Farm

A common sight at Baggoc River (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

When I was staying in my friend’s house in Barangay Tamag, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, I decided to go to Caoayan, a neighboring town of Vigan. Caoayan is part of the “Metro Vigan” along with the cities and municipalities of Bantay, Sta. Catalina, San Vicente, and of course, Vigan.

Caoayan Fish Farm

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the huts, there are tv and other appliances inside (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

From Tamag, I rode a tricycle going to Barangay Pandan of Caoayan. I saw along the road was the Baggoc River which was filled by nipa huts and fish pens.
Although the breeding of tilapia fish is common around the Philippines, it’s my first time to see an actual fish hatchery. For the locals there to easily monitor the fishes, they placed small huts (others have a television set!) beside the cages. For those who have sensitive smell, beware! The odor of fresh fishes there is strong especially when feeding time.

Caoayan Fish Farm

Ask for permission to the owners before hopping in (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

According to the townspeople, around 10,000 to 14,000 tilapia (including fingerlings, a small tilapia) are breeding per fish pen.

From Vigan, take a tricycle going to Barangay Pandan or Fuerte for only PhP10.

Caoayan Fish Farm

A typical mode of transport along the river (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

Caoayan Fish Farm

Feeding frenzy (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

Caoayan Fish Farm

Nets occupied entirely the river (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

Caoayan Fish Farm

Before the storm, locals have no choice but to harvest the fishes to avoid more loss (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

Caoayan Fish Farm

Feed the fishes. Relax. Profit. Enjoy (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)

Caoayan Fish Farm

Majority of the fish pens are not from Caoayan, but from Vigan and nearby towns (Caoayan, Ilocos Sur)



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