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Emerald waters of the Lusuac Springs 5

Lagayan: Lublob na sa Lusuac Springs!

One of the perks of travelling is that we can discover the hidden gems of every town we visit. Just like what we found out in Barangay Poblacion, Lagayan, Abra, a refreshing spring to swim awaited us to get jumped...

Abra river valley. Taken from Bucay before entering the town of Manabo 2

Manabo: Exploring the Quaint Town in Abra

We have been visiting Abra several times before, but our trip to the province is not complete without reaching the town of Manabo, because of Raquel, one of the Tupang Gala, came from here (and proud Itneg). The town is...

Nipa huts  dotted the river in San Juan 2

San Juan: River Resort of San Juan, Abra

Since Abra River has many tributaries, it is often been utilized as river resort. One of the towns that benefited this kind of tourism is San Juan, a quaint, little municipality situated at the northernmost part of Abra. The makeshift...