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The Red House (紅樓劇場), Ximendeng Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan 15

Taipei: The Red House of Ximen

Built in 1908 during Japanese rule and designed by Japanese architect Kondo Juro, it was originally a market building but was used as a theater from 1945 onward. It was renovated due to a fire in the 2000s. The Red...

National Museum of Anthropology, Manila 0

Manila: National Museum of Anthropology

Formerly known as the National Museum of the Filipino People, the National Museum of Anthropology is a component of the National Museum of the Philippines that specializes in anthropology and archaeology. It is very near the National Museum of Fine...

Buscalan, Kalinga, Cordillera, Whang-od, Tupanggala 4

Buscalan: Paying Homage to Whang-Od

From the mountainous Cordillera, nests a small village of Butbut Tribe named Buscalan. Butbut Tribe is known as warriors and headhunters, wherein they were tattooed as a trophy. Eventually, the government prohibited headhunting, but other traditions such as batok or...